Friday, October 28, 2011

Hi Blogger :)  These cuties are both available in my store :)  I feel like I've learned so much in just one week!  Look!  I even learned how to hyperlink words!!! WHAT??!! Who?? Me????  LOL!  I really want to thank everyone that helped me this week :)  I would not be this far without any of you <3

If anyone can see anything that I could improve on or knows any little Blog secrets to help me get my blog seen more and to help me get more followers, I would REALLY appreciate it!    

As you can see, I've added some of your blinkies to my blog :)  I love them and I think they are so fun!  If you would like (and I hope you do) and you haven't already, would you please add my Blinkie to your blog too?  If I don't have yours up yet, just leave me a link to your blog and I will absolutely run over and get it :)

I guess that's it for now.  Time to put my kids to bed and get ready to watch "Grimm".  I've been waiting for this show for awhile :)  Have a most wonderful night and a glorious weekend :)


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another Digi for You :)

Now available in my store in the Digi Stamp Category :)

Hope you like :)  Have fun!

Freebie of the Week Now Available! Yay!

I've just posted the Freebie of the Week in my store so head on over and see what it is and grab it now :)  My plan is to post a new "Freebie" pattern every Monday :)

If you haven't already shared me with everyone you can think of...LOL....I would be so grateful and willing to do anything for you in return :) I'm more than happy to share the love ;)

I've also just posted a Facebook button on the blog too.  If you could send people over to my FB page that would be great also :)  Because I moved my FB page, all of my "likers" are still on my other page and a lot of them haven't joined my new page so the more you can spread me around, the more I will be jumping for joy :)

Don't hesitate to contact me in any of my contact places if you need anything from me :)

Look for more digi stamps to be posted tonight maybe :)

TTFN my Lovies <3

Digi Stamps! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

New digi stamp now available in my store!  I've also finally put the "Expecting A Miracle" set in the store today too :)  They, along with all the others, are available for download now :)

I've been very busy today!  I had hoped to work on a Christmas set today but I still haven't had time.  I will probably work on it tonight after my kids go to bed :)  It's easier to work that way when I'm not constantly getting interrupted with "Mom! Mom! Mom! Moooooommmmmm!"  Ugh! I swear I am changing my name very soon ;)

Hope you like the new digi stamp :)  I was so excited to learn how to make them and then I actually made it and stamped it, I almost screamed with excitement!

I've also place a link to my store in the right hand corner next to my newest posts so now it's a breeze to click on over :)  And there is also a Blog Hop button (Thanks to Sherry Brown) that I am working on getting a code for so you can have it to put on your Blog if you want :)

That's it for now :)  TTFN crafty ones ;) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a night :)

Hi everyone!  I have had such a great night!  I feel like the ball really started rolling tonight with my new PP company :)  I'm so excited!  I am having a blog hop on December 2nd and 3rd--Christmas Paper Piecings Blog Hop!  I'm using this blog hop as a Design Team call.  If you are interested in joining, post a comment and I will add you to the hop :)

This morning I was terrified of blog hops because I didn't know a thing about them and tonight I've got one scheduled.  I guess the only way to get in is to jump right...LOL!  I'm so excited!  Thank you to every single one of you that helped me today and joined my page and joined my blog :)  What an amazing group of women you are :)  I feel so blessed to have found all of you :)

I'm going to try to hit the sack but I'm feeling like I won't be very successful because I'm so excited and my head is full of ideas right now :)

I will be posting my "Expecting A Miracle" Pattern set in my store tomorrow for sure and hopefully getting another one out too :)  Now that I've got the Blog Hop scheduled, I want to make a Christmas set for anyone who wants to use it for the hop :)  I've got an adorable idea for the Christmas set that is burning a hole in my brain :)

Till tomorrow sweet bloggers :) Night night ;)

Monday, October 24, 2011

I've finally just put this pattern set in my store so it is now available :)  I am currently gathering up information about forming a design team so if anyone knows anyone who can help me out or who might like to be part of my design team, please let me know :)  I would be so grateful :)  TTFN <3

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Here's what I worked on this weekend.  They are available on eBay and will be available in my store by the end of tomorrow.  I hope you all enjoy them :)  I had so much fun (as always) making them :)

Still learning about blogging and have gotten some great tips from some really great ladies on how to get started :)  I think I will be visiting some blogs tomorrow and trying to learn as much as I can about all this :)  Thanks to the suggestion from Liz (, I've also decided to look into gathering up a design team to help me get my business going :)

I'm sure I won't be able to keep from drawing some more tomorrow as well, so I will keep you posted :)  Sweet dreams crafty bloggers ;)