Thursday, December 22, 2011


Someone has brought it to my attention that some of my followers think that the Michael's gift card and Copic markers giveaway is mine! THIS IS NOT MY GIVEAWAY!  I had reposted the giveaway on my blog as one of the requirements to be entered into this giveaway by  Again, this is not my giveaway and anyone who thinks they have entered it by following my blog is actually not entered unless you were aware that this was Melissa's giveaway and followed and posted on her blog (I hope that made sense..LOL)  I will try to contact each of the people that i think made this mistake because I would absolutely hate to have any of you thinking that you are in the running and then, come to find out, you weren't ever entered :(  I hope you all read this post so that you don't miss your chance for this prize!  I'm so sorry for the mix-up! I was only posting it because it was one of the requirements to spread the word of the giveaway and post it to my blog :(  Sorry :(