Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Digi Stamps! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

New digi stamp now available in my store!  I've also finally put the "Expecting A Miracle" set in the store today too :)  They, along with all the others, are available for download now :)

I've been very busy today!  I had hoped to work on a Christmas set today but I still haven't had time.  I will probably work on it tonight after my kids go to bed :)  It's easier to work that way when I'm not constantly getting interrupted with "Mom! Mom! Mom! Moooooommmmmm!"  Ugh! I swear I am changing my name very soon ;)

Hope you like the new digi stamp :)  I was so excited to learn how to make them and then I actually made it and stamped it, I almost screamed with excitement!

I've also place a link to my store in the right hand corner next to my newest posts so now it's a breeze to click on over :)  And there is also a Blog Hop button (Thanks to Sherry Brown) that I am working on getting a code for so you can have it to put on your Blog if you want :)

That's it for now :)  TTFN crafty ones ;) 


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