Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome :)

Hello bloggers!  I am finally going to try and tackle this whole blogging thing.  I'm going to be honest with you....I have absolutely no idea what I am doing with this or, quite frankly, what blogs are for...LOL!  So, I'm going into this blind as a bat.  I thought I would make my first post about how I don't know anything about blogging and see if all of you out there had any advise or tips for me :)  I sure would appreciate a little input as to how to use this tool to help my new business "Paper Piecings by Nikki".

That's about it.  All I know is that blogs are used to help drive traffic to the site but I don't have a clue where to begin, what to blog about, how to get followers, what a bloghop is or anything else so please HELP!  LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by and if you are here, please be sure to join my blog (cause I know that is important ;)
Have a fantastic night and I will catch you all on the flip side ;)



Good Luck with your blog!!!



Thanks Kimberly :) I'll stop and visit you too :)


I follow blogs alot, If you already have a business, how about getting a design team that will post regularly to your, and their own, blogs to bring in traffic and help your business. It helps customers to see your 'product' in use. I'm off to find your business page!


Welcome to bloggerland Kimberly, you will find a awesome group of ladies here who are so very helpful in helping to get the blog going. I just started mine a few months ago and they have been a huge help and great source of encouragement. I look forward to seeing your work and being a follower.

God Bless
Heather Pullen


Thanks Liz :) How do I go about getting a design team together? Any suggestions because that sounds like a fantastic idea :)


Post all over FB for one that you are doing a design team call. Lots of ladies want to be on DT. Do a link party on your blog and have anyone interested in the DT would post a link to the project they created. Also you could contact prior customers because you already know they have your product. also start your own blog hop by posting it in the pre-blog hop FB group that you belong to, that will bring tons of traffic to your site. After you have a DT you would need to provide images to them free of charge and have them create something from the same image, with a link on their blogs to your "shop" so visitors can purchase your the image.

Hope this at least gets you started!

Hope this gets you going.

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