Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Pattern Club Exclusive!

Howdy Ya'll...LOL!  This morning I want to show you my newest pattern club exclusive that will be ready later today :)
If you haven't already heard about my pattern club, let me tell you a little about it :)  It's a super awesome deal and you have two options:
1. Mini-Club = You get 4 regular patterns of your choice and 1 Club Exclusive of your choice for only $15/month!! 
2.  Option 2 is the best choice with unlimited (which means every single pattern I put out except for FB Fan Freebies) each month.  All regular patterns and all exclusive patterns for only $30/month!! I'm pretty sure you won't be able to find this anywhere else with any of the other PP companies out there :)  
It's super fun and my current members LOVE their club memberships!  They get to go get their patterns as soon as they come out, no waiting :)  How much fun would it be to have unlimited access to my store every month?!?! 
We have a lot of fun with the club and very soon, I will be doing Challenges with my pattern club!! So girls, be on the lookout for some fun, new challenges :)

So, that's my pattern club :)  It's so much fun! Check out the guest book section of my store to see what some of my customers have to say about PPbN and my Pattern Club :)

I hope you all have an absolutely amazing day <3 Lots of hugs ALWAYS!!



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